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The Invisible Kingdom

by Meghan O'Rourke

This book takes a deep dive into the author's struggle with invisible hard to diagnose illness.  She really understands the burden of illness. Reading this book was validating.  It is also a great resource to help my partner, family, and friends understand chronic disease.  In her beautifully presented personal struggle with illness and pain, she also presents a a wealth of information.  Find a longer description here as well as reviews.

The Trifecta Passport

by Amber Walker

This book is the best, most comprehensive resource I have found for treating POTS, MCAS, and EDS.  Unfortunately, it only mentions MALS and not NCS, MTS, or SMAS.  It has excellent resources to help you manage your symptoms and build the care plan you need.  The author has hEDS, MCAS, and POTS.  She is a physical therapist with advanced training in functional medicine, nutrition, and natural healing.  Her blog, Mast Cells United, is also excellent and incredibly helpful.  Find a longer description here as well as reviews.

Brain On Fire

How to Keep House while Drowning

by KC Davis

This book does an excellent job of breaking down self care tasks as well as house keeping tasks.  It also gives practical solutions for many problems people with chronic illness face.  It is one of my favorite books on chronic illness because it is so applicable and it emphasizes taking the shame out of not being able to function at a level that was obtainable before illness.  This author is a licensed professional therapist and her website and social media accounts are also very helpful.  Find a longer description here as well as reviews.  

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