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Advocate at the Doctor

Mature doctor palpates behind of teenage

Do you feel like providers aren't listening?  You're not alone.  Learn to plan your visit, talk with providers, and advocate for the care you want.  Learn more

Gender and Healthcare

Image by Sinitta Leunen

Female bodies are less researched than male bodies.  When male bodies experience rare problems, they're treated poorly as well.  Learn why gender in healthcare is such an important issue, especially in pain care.  Learn more

Race and Healthcare

Image by Clay Banks

"Black women are up to four times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications" (source).  Learn about other discrepancies in care and how they may impact you.  Learn more

Education, Income, and Healthcare

Image by Bermix Studio

Education impacts health outcomes, type of care received, and the ability to navigate complex health systems.  Income can affect health in many ways, especially access to care.  Learn more

Language and Healthcare

Chalkboard with Different Languages

If English is your second language or you do not speak English, this can impact the care you receive.  Learn about language barriers in healthcare and how to overcome them.

Learn more

Ableism: External and Internal

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Ableism is the discrimination against disabled bodies.  We live in an ableist society and many people who are chronically ill have internalized ableism.  Learn why ableism matters and how to change it.  Learn more

Weight Bias and Healthcare

Young plus size woman wearing casual clo

Often people in larger bodies have providers blame pain or illness on their weight and struggle to find a provider who takes their concerns seriously.  Learn to find providers who will listen and about Health at Every Size.  Learn more

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