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Image by Daniel Apodaca

Use your Mind to Feel Better

Practicing mindfulness can decrease the use of opiates and pain.  We provide resources to help you be more mindful and learn to meditate.  Learn more


Image by Darius Bashar

Learn How Breath Relieves Pain

The way we breathe impacts the way we feel.  Certain breath techniques can help us relax and relieve pain.  Learn more


Image by Taisiia Stupak

Treat Yourself Better

Learn to stop being hard on yourself because of your illness or inability. 

Learn more

Body Image

Fitness Ladies

Be Body Positive

Chronic illness and pain can change the way we look.  We want to help you appreciate your body the way it is. 

Learn more


Image by Becca Tapert

Intimacy tips for You and your Partner

Intimacy while sick or in pain is difficult for both partners.  Here, we've compiled resources to help you deal.  Learn more

Radical Acceptance

Image by Joshua Earle

Accept your Health and Challenges

Anger with our health or pain can hold us back from doing things we can.  Learn to accept your abilities, pain, or health the way it is and move forward.  Learn more

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Looking at Art

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is not an illness or a diagnoses.  About 25% of the population is highly sensitive; it's a genetic trait.  HSPs are more sensitive to sound, light, tags in clothing, and notice things differently than those who are not highly sensitive. 

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