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Enjoying Sunset

How to Show Support

A Supportive Hug

It is often hard to know how to support someone who is chronically ill, especially if you've never been in their shoes.  Here, we have a few tips and pointers on how to be a better support to those you love with chronic pain and illness.  Learn more

What You Shouldn't Say

Friendly Conversation

Often, not on purpose, people say the wrong thing.  Here's a list of things often taken personally by people with chronic pain or illness, things they hear a lot from loved ones.  Learn more

For Partners


Being in a relationship always has challenges, but it can be especially difficult if one partner is sick.  Here are some helpful tips.  Learn more

For Parents

Child In Hospital Bed

It is especially difficult to watch your child experience illness.  Learn from parents who have been there.  Learn more

For Families with Kids

A Happy Family

Often parents who have chronic illness struggle with guilt due to the inabilities their illness causes.  We want to lighten this load with helpful tips from families who have learned to cope effectively.  Learn more

For Friends


People with chronic illness often feel isolated because not even their friends understand how to maintain a relationship due to the fatigue or pain caused by an illness.  Here are a few tips from friends who have figured this out.  Learn more

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