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A documentary about living with chronic fatigue syndrome and the difficulty to get a diagnosis and treatment, directed by Jennifer Brea who has ME/CFS.


A documentary about the creators of the Sickboy podcast, illness, and the importance of talking about it.

Brain On Fire

Based on Susannah Cahalan's memoir where her life is changed by illness.  The doctor's say it's mental illness while her family wonders if it could be physical.  This story shows why providers should listen to patients and their families.


This is a beautiful example of a couple working together to overcome a severe health problem and creating a life worth living regardless of illness and changing the lives of others on ventilators.

Penguin Bloom

An inspiring true story about a mom who learns to lead a new life with a disability, grieving and eventually finding new joy and connection.  This film does an excellent job portraying the grieving process of losing abilities, especially as a parent.

The Theory of Everything

About a man driven to follow his dreams regardless of his physical health problems, this film really shows what's possible with the right attitude.

Behind the Visible

This is a film by a patient with POTS who also interviews other POTS patients about their lives, treatment, and the difficulty of  getting a diagnosis.

Trust Me, I'm Sick

A series of five short films available on YouTube documenting the lives of five patients with chronic illness.  Ability Magazine wrote a piece on the documentary, click here to read it.

The Fundamentals of Caring

A grieving man decides to become a care giver.  This relationship leads to a road trip which shows the true meaning of friendship and the many small, meaningful joys people who are chronically ill can find.  

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